Packaging protects pharmaceutical products and provides information

Packaging made from a variety of materials in many different designs fulfils a wide range of important functions in the pharmaceuticals industry.
Plastic and aluminium films in the form of blister packs protect the packaged medical products against external influences such as moisture, oxygen and light. The printed information shows the product name, the dose, the manufacturer, the batch number and the expiry date.
Packaging made of glass, plastic or aluminium protects liquid and paste-like products and ensures sterility in the case of infusion and injection solutions.
Printed packaging, which generally consists of paper and cardboard, provides external protection, carries information along the entire distribution chain and also gives patients important data on the composition, possible side-effects and safe use of the medication.
Sturdy transport packaging protects valuable contents at every point along the supply chain. The active ingredients and auxiliaries used in pharmaceuticals production also need appropriate packaging.
The safe production and dispensing of pharmaceutical products to the patient can only be ensured by proper packaging.