Packaging consultancy

Packaging and Packaging materials tend to go largely unnoticed until errors lead to quality defects. Packaging faults are still the most reported defects to the Drug Commission of German Pharmacists.

Preventing packaging material problems

Imprecise packaging specifications, inadequate monitoring on the part of the packaging manufacturer and a lack of technical expertise can all result in product recalls. In addition to damaging the manufacturer’s reputation, these are costly and in some cases may even pose a risk to patient health. Professional know-how in packaging materials technology can prevent these problems from arising.

Expertise in pharmaceuticals packaging materials

With over 40 years of experience in the field of packaging and packaging materials for the pharmaceutical industry, I can provide expert advice on:

  • quality issues
  • the formulation of technically correct packaging specifications
  • cost-saving and standardisation projects
  • the implementation and evaluation of anti-counterfeiting measures
  • GMP audits for the manufacture and use of packaging and packaging materials
  • the development of new packaging concepts
  • support in packaging-related matters and specific know-how in the field of packaging and packaging materials

Expertise in global coding and serialisation projects

Optimizing of packaging materials